“Thank you so much for what you do. You are truly meant to be educating students about this sensitive and difficult topic. I sincerely appreciate your gift.”  Social Worker - San Jose, Ca

“Your videos are a sense of security for our families.  Thank you!" 
Ray Brown -  Educator, Oregon

Year 2 & Beyond Curriculum:  If you are looking to book Victor for his Be Seen and Heard© 2.0 LIVE version call 888-667-2370 and set up your dates now. 

Be Seen and Heard 2.0© pre-K to 8th grade curriculum has been designed as a follow up from the Be Seen and Heard© program and is your TOTAL SOLUTION to the Erin's Law Mandate. Each year has review and new material for your students.  Guaranteed to teach the topic of sexual abuse in a respectful, appropriate, and non-threatening way. 

This process allows the students to learn this sensitive material with someone they already know and trust!

Here’s the breakdown: K-1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th / 7th / 8th

(K-1st Grade) Theme: Repeating the “K-1st-2nd grade Be Seen and Heard© Phase 1” program for the incoming 1st graders

(2nd Grade) Theme: “Yucky” feelings are like those inner sirens telling you to tell someone. The importance of telling and HOW to do it! Creating a Trusted Hero© Team.

(3rd Grade) Theme: Introduce students to the “3rd-4th grade Be Seen and Heard© Phase 1” program - "Inappropriate Touch" vocabulary

(4th Grade) Theme: "Tricking Kids Into Trust" and getting them not to tell - introduction of “Grooming” and “Threats”

(5th Grade) Theme: The importance of boundaries - The importance of sharing those inner negative feelings. Reinforcement of the Trusted Hero© Team - Introduction of "Sexual Abuse" vocabulary

(6th Grade) Theme: “I’m the Trusted Hero. What do I do?”

(7th Grade) Theme: Discuss “resiliency” and utilizing adversities for personal growth

(8th Grade) Theme: Erin’s Law discussion - How sexual abuse can negatively impact a family but through strength and courage can positively impact millions of lives.

Pricing Options (Pre-K to 8th Grade, High School, and Special Needs are separate licenses. Discounts for multiple year licenses. Call 888-667-2370 for more info.)