Harassment: What's the Big Deal?

This curriculum has been created for Middle School and High School

Eight out of ten students will experience some form of harassment during their time in school. When a student is facing situations of harassment, bullying, or inappropriate treatment from others their social emotional health can suffer greatly. Prolonged exposure can impact sleeping, appetite, school performance, and self-esteem. 


Now more than ever we recognize the need for comprehensive education on harassment within schools. If a student is given the opportunity to learn this information it could just save their emotional life or even their life. 


With the "Harassment: What's the BIG Deal?" curriculum there are five main focus points we focus on:

  • What empathy looks like in action
  • Definition and examples of harassment in school including physical, verbal, and digital
  • Discussion on why this education matters
  • Raising awareness of the invisible battles every person faces
  • How to safely intervene as a bystander

You will also receive:

Bonus videos on sexual and social harassment

Every student has the right to be free from harassment and prepared with the skills to get help when they need it the most. That starts with education and having a conversation that 80% of students so desperately need. 

Pricing Options (Pre-K to 8th Grade, High School, and Special Needs are separate licenses. Discounts for multiple year licenses. Call 888-667-2370 for more info.)