Please Welcome Dawn Kohler!

In this episode of Healing Every Day Podcast, Victor and Deanna welcome their next podcast guest Dawn Kohler. 

Dawn Kohler was an award-winning entrepreneur in the computer industry when she was abruptly summoned to take a life-altering course.

What followed was an extraordinary healing journey that gave her profound insights and a deep understanding of the human dynamic and how it plays out at home, work, and in our communities. Combining these insights, and her business experience, Dawn became a sought-after Executive Coach helping leaders understand and enhance their impact on others and their contribution to the world.

Her clients have included many of the most influential women in entertainment, as well as senior leaders at such companies as Sony Pictures, NBCUniversal, Lionsgate, DreamWorks, Fox, Snapchat, Disney, and Amazon.

Dawn is the author of 3 books including her recent memoir, The Messages, a prophetic journey she experienced 25 years ago and how it has become relevant today. She serves on the Board of Step-Up, a non-profit organization to help mentor teen girls in low-income areas, and is passionate about the importance of our individual role in supporting the human awakening.

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of child abuse and sexual violence. 

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