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Meet Torrie

In our podcast this week, we spoke with Torrie. She shared her compelling story about living through, surviving, and ultimately thriving after experiencing sexual violence. 

A powerful statement Torrie shared was:

"I want to say for anybody listening, it's never a victim's responsibility to report. Our only responsibility is to heal."

The power in this statement is not to be ignored. So many survivors are shamed and guilted for waiting too long to tell, not reporting, or missing their statute of limitations...which arguably is just an arbitrary timeline to reporting and was created without survivor's of abuse in mind. 

We as survivors are not to blame for an abuser's actions. While we support any person who chooses to report, we also respect and support those who know reporting isn't on their healing journey. 

Allow those of us who have found our voice to heal on our own terms and within our own timeline. Allow us to take our power back in the way that is best for US.