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In The Moment

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When we spend a portion of our lives in survival mode, especially during childhood, it may be difficult to be in the present moment. We compartmentalize, avoid, distract, and actively avoid feeling our feelings. Well, I should speak for myself. This is something I am working through now. 

Grounding is something I really couldn't wrap my mind around until the last few years. Feeling my feelings and not being overwhelmed or ashamed, how could that be possible? Staying in the that something we can learn after years of avoidance? I spent so much of my life doing what I was taught: Invalidate my feelings and stay busy. Avoid the raw emotion. Don't look too close or feel too deeply. If I did feel the feelings, immediately I'd tell myself I was dramatic or overacting. You know what I think? I think that era is over. 

My feelings are valid. I matter. My experiences are not dramatized or to be thrown aside. I am strong and capable. Riding those waves of emotion like a pro, knowing at some point the wave breaks and I'll be standing back on the shore of my grounded existence. It's not about being calm. It's about living in the moment.